Hello! This is my personal website, where you can find information about my research, teaching and outreach activities. Thanks for visiting!

I am a PhD Candidate and a Fulbright Fellow at the School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA), Rutgers University. I am also the Assistant Director of the National Center for Public Performance at SPAA, and a part-time lecturer on applied statistics and research methods for its MPA Program.

Additionally, I am a research fellow of the Center for Public Systems of the Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Chile, and I have worked in research projects for the Inter-American Development Bank and UNICEF-Chile.

I occasionally write some op-eds for Chilean newspapers and for the PA Times, which is the magazine of the American Society for Public Administration.

My research interests are in public management & policy, civil service and performance management

Recent articles

  • Cortázar, J. C., Fuenzalida, J. and M. Lafuente. 2016. Merit-based Selection of Public Managers: Better Public Sector Performance?: An Exploratory Study (Technical Note Nº IDB-TN-1054). Washington, DC: Inter-American Development Bank [pdf].
  • Implementación de sistemas de gestión del desempeño: Entre el ritualismo administrativo y la adopción efectiva (with C. Castro & J. Inostroza). Paper presented at the 7th Congress of the Chilean Public Policies Society. Santiago, Chile, January 21st, 2016 [pdf].
  • Interpreting Performance Information: Why it Matters (with Andrew Ballard). PA Times, February 2017
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