During my PhD at the School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA), I mainly took courses on public administration, public management and governance. Due to my strong interest in research methods, besides the regular quantitative and qualitative courses of my Program, I took several courses at the Statistics Department of Rutgers. I also attended to the ICSPR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods for Social Research at the University of Michigan, and to the Spring School in Advanced Research Methods at the University of Oxford.

I have worked under the supervision of Professors Norma Riccucci, Gregg Van Ryzin and Marc Holzer. I am the Assistant Director of the National Center of Public Performance of SPAA, and I was the coordinator of its Public Service Research Panel. I have also taught courses on applied statistics and research methods at the MPA Program of SPAA, and I am currently a TA on quantitative methods for the PhD Program.

My dissertation examines the effects of politicization in public organizations. In particular, I examine the impact on organizational performance, as well as on the motivation, values and attitudes of personnel.