Journal articles

Ali, A., Fuenzalida, J., Gómez, M. & Williams, M. (2021) Four Lenses on People Management in the Public Sector: An Evidence Review and Synthesis. Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 37(2), 335-366 [pdf] [BSG working paper]

Fuenzalida, J. Van Ryzin, G. & Olsen, A. (2021). Are managers susceptible to framing effects? An experimental study of professional judgment of performance metrics. International Public Management Journal, 24(3), 314-329.  [pdf]

Fuenzalida, J. & Riccucci, N. M. (2019). The Effects of Politicization on Performance: The Mediating Role of HRM Practices. Review of Public Personnel Administration, 34(4), 544-569 [pdf]

Fuenzalida, J., Inostroza, J. & Morales, M. (2014). Alta Dirección Pública Municipal: un primer paso para resolver los nudos críticos de la descentralización chilena. Reforma y Democracia, 59 (June 2014), 119-150 [pdf].

Henríquez, M. & Fuenzalida, J. (2011). Compensando la desigualdad de ingresos locales: El Fondo Común Municipal en Chile. Revista Iberoamericana de Estudios Municipales, II(4), 73-104 [pdf]

Working papers

Schuster, C., Fuenzalida, J. Meyer-Sahling, J. & Saas-Mikkelsen, K. (2021). Unethical Leadership, Moral Compensation, and Unethical Follower Behaviour: Evidence from a Survey Experiment with 19,000 Chilean Public Servants. Revise and resubmit

  • Presented at IRSPM Conference 2021

Fuenzalida, J., Gutiérrez, L., Fernández-Vergara, A. & González, P. (2021). Red tape and burnout risks of public service managers: Evidence from a survey experiment of school principals. Submitted [BSG working paper]

  • Presented at CLAD International Congress 2019

Work in progress

Effects of telework in the public sector: Evidence from a longitudinal mixed-methods study of public service professionals (with Tomás Soto & Camilo Vera)

  • Presented at STR-AOM Workshop 2020 and MPSA Conference 2021

Measuring public sector occupations’ automation potential: Survey development and validation in Chile (with Ben Roseth & Francisco Suárez)

Performance management implementation revisited: Evidence from the life-cycle of a program in Chile (with Cristian Pliscoff, José Inostroza & Carlos Castro)

What drives performance information use by managers? A survey experiment on school principals’ attitudes

Public management and policy failures under a systems approach: Child protection in Chile (with Macarena Andrade & Teresa Matus)

  • Presented at ECPR Conference 2021